So, you’re a pro at applying your make-up, you look near perfection everyday and know every technique there is to make-up application. But are you looking after your tools? Or more importantly are you looking after your precious skin? Keeping your make-up brush set clean may seem trivial, but if you had to look at your brushes under a microscope, you’d definitely think otherwise… NAAASTY!

With the build-up of make-up, skin cells, oil and even bacteria your uncleaned brushes could be the very blight of your skin. By continuously using dirty make-up brushes all this yuck is spread throughout your make-up brush sets, your make-up as well as to your skin. No doubt something that could lead to blocked pores causing those unwanted breakouts.

If that isn’t reason enough to keep your make-up brush sets clean then consider that proper maintenance is what’s going to have your brushes working and lasting for longer. Effectively saving you time and money, as we all know those quality make-up brush sets can be costly. With that in mind, here’s how to properly clean your make-up brush set easily.

What you’ll need:

  • Make-up brush cleaning formula / Baby or any soft shampoo / anti-bacterial hand soap
  • Make-up brush conditioner / Extra virgin olive oil
  • Ridged glove, mat or brush egg / Hand
  • Dry towel


Start by rinsing out the bristles of your brushes one by one, by running lukewarm water through them, making sure the bristles are facing downward over the basin. It’s important that you use only lukewarm water when washing your brushes as hot water can deteriorate the glue holding the bristles in place. Holding the bristles downward and not immersing the brushes in water will prevent water from entering the ferrule which can also deteriorate the glue.

Lather the ridged hand glove, mat or brush egg or just your hand in the cleanser of your choice mixed with the conditioner of your choice. Using the extra virgin olive oil will keep your brushes bristles from drying out and deteriorating, extending their life-span. Swirl the brush in the mixture and then over your hand to gently scrub out the muck.

Continue swirling the brushes in the soap whilst rinsing under the lukewarm water until no more colour is seeping out from the bristles. Squeeze the remaining water out the bristles and reshape them. Finally fold the dry towel so that one end is slightly raised, then place the brushes with the back-ends on the raised section of the towel to dry. This will prevent any water from seeping into the ferrule. TA-DAH! Your brushes are now nice and clean and your skin will thank you!

It’s generally suggested that you wash your brushes once every week but spot wash them after every use. Check out our article on spot washing HERE for quick and effortless spot cleaning.