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Our Brushes Are Made From Only The Best Materials

We source only the highest quality products from our trusted suppliers around the world, our products under go rigorous quality control checks before landing at your finger tips.

Our GLO Makeup Brushes Are Soft To The Touch

Because our bristles are made synthetically and are vegan free, we are able to achieve a much finer and softer bristle than ordinary brushes could.

Superfast Product Delivery System

We have fulfilment centres based in North America, UK, South Africa and China waiting to take your orders. Depending on stock and availabilty of our makeup care range delivery time is between 7-15 days. Most of our orders are sent out within 8 days.

Easy to Shop

You are just 3 clicks away from your first GLO Makeup Brush Set

Best Brands

The Brands we offer you are 100% genuine and 100% GLO!

Good For Skin

Our products are easy against the skin and have been trialed and tested.

Are you Struggling to get that perfect "GLO"?

Our latest makeup brush set will allow you to get that perfect GLO, and if you need help along the way we have video’s from professional makeup artist’s showing you exactly how to use each Brush!

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